MCEC Overview

The Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC) is a global model for higher education and industry collaborations, programs that connect education with student leadership development, and community-focused resources and support.

Our programs and services have one goal – to increase small business development. We accomplish this through:

  • Industry-certified process improvement training
  • Links to prime contractors for bid development and mentoring support
  • Community resources to access information, services, and options for business start-up support
  • Technical assistance to other historically Black and minority-serving institutions (HBCUs/MIs)
  • Research, consultative and program services to government agencies, corporations and universities seeking to expand their small business supplier pool
  • Education and outreach to encourage college students and youth to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice

Continuing a Legacy of Innovation

The MCEC reports directly to the Provost Office at Morehouse College, a historically Black, private liberal arts institution for men located in Atlanta, Georgia. With noted alumni U. S. Surgeon General David Satcher and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and director Spike Lee, the MCEC was established to continue the Morehouse legacy of educating dynamic leaders in interdisciplinary areas of study and innovation. As a result of our dedicated pursuit of the mission, our programming has received national recognition, including the 2009 Entrepreneurial Advocate of the Year Award by the Minority Business Development Agency (“MBDA”) of the U.S. Department of Commerce and one of the 2015 Most Entrepreneurial Colleges by Forbes Magazine.

Signature Programs

Mentor-Protégé Program - The MCEC, under the Department of Defense (DoD) Mentor-Protégé Program, provides developmental assistance to small technology growth companies. As a key member of mentoring teams, the MCEC delivers organizational infrastructure training and contract management support to small protégé businesses. Over the past 10 years, the MCEC has partnered with some 15 mentoring companies to assist over 80 protégé companies to achieve sustained growth and add jobs to the economy. These protégé firms are geographically located across the United States. Teams of faculty, students and subject matter experts provide the developmental assistance. MCEC is the recipient of 8 Nunn-Perry Awards including recent 2015 Nunn-Perry Award for excellence in the Mentor-Protégé Program.

Innovation Expo provides a national platform to give visibility, experience and training on the translation of innovative ideas and research into viable businesses. It builds on working across curriculum disciplines to identify, develop and support the next generation of innovation leadership to help build a stronger global economy. The conference is punctuated by the: Faculty & Student Research Paper & Poster Competition, an exhibition of research skills for peer professionals; Student Innovation Showcase & Fair, a display and oral presentation of student and community startup ideas, Innovative Creative Entrepreneur (ICE) Awards for outstanding contributions to small business growth, and Workshops & Plenary Sessions to provide resources to take startup ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. The two-day event attracts over 600 participants.

Innovation Workshops provide the Atlanta University Center students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and exposure to real-world innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. Students speak with various active entrepreneurs under 30 years of age during the biweekly Trep Talks Speaker Series.

Community Partnerships bridge the gap between the college and its community. Through programs such as Go Code, Y Combinator, Village Micro Fund and the iSTEM Innovation Academy, the MCEC serves as a source of innovation, and information intent on building an ecosystem of leaders for this and the next generation.

MCEC Leadership Team

Tiffany Rogers Bussey, DBA, MSc., MBA, PMP is the founding Director of the Morehouse Entrepreneurship Center, a global model for providing minority serving institutions contract support in the areas of process improvement, and organizational management infrastructure development.

Dr. Bussey has over twenty years experience in various aspects of business management for corporate, small business, educational and non profit organizations. As Director of the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Bussey manages strategic teams of faculty, staff and consultants to achieve the goals of the Center, which is to assist in the development of minority entrepreneurship through scholarly research, training and consulting services. Dr. Bussey is also an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Morehouse College.

Dr. Bussey earned her doctorate in business administration and masters of science degree in strategic management from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, U.K. She also received a masters in business administration from George Washington University in Washington D.C and a baccalaureate degree in economics from The College of Saint Elizabeth in New Jersey. Dr. Bussey is a Project Management Professional, Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Training Presenter, and a Certified Teacher of Entrepreneurship. Her research interest intersects the areas of leadership behavior and strategic change in small firms.

Bonita S. Moore has over ten years of experience in the field of contract management for small business and educational organizations. As Business Manager for the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center, a historically black, private liberal arts institution for African American men, Ms. Moore handles all the day-to-day operational aspects of the center.

She has an outstanding record of accomplishment in program management, general accounting, procurement, and customer service.

Ms. Moore holds a baccalaureate degree in marketing from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and provides astute knowledge in that field as well as business management.

The Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC) is committed to a policy of total quality in all business procedures.
We will meet customer defined requirements, promptly and within budget. We will quickly and effectively respond to customers in a professional manner
while maintaining the integrity of the center. The MCEC is committed to continually improve the Quality Management System.

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